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  • Broccolini with Miso Sesame Sauce and Lemon

    6 to 8 servings Ingredients: Six bunches of broccolini or broccoli rabe (about 3 pounds total trimmed) Kosher salt 1/4 cup tahini 2 Tbsp white...
  • Fried Zucchini Blossoms

    In Italy, fried zucchini blossoms are the Aperitivo of the jet set.  On the farm, we collect them from the garden (or the neighbor's garden) and en...
  • Zucchini & hazelnut salad

    This is a great starter and pairs well with Dineen Viognier! Serves 4 Ingredients: 1/2 cup hazelnuts, toasted 1.5 lbs small zucchini 4 Tbsp olive...
  • Pasta with zucchini and gorgonzola

    The richness of the dolce latte offsets the acidity of the tomatoes and zucchini in this late summer pasta. Pairs nicely with a Dineen Heritage Ble...
  • Caponata

    Caponata is a Sicilian sweeter and brinier (owing to olives and capers) version of the French ratatouille. Because eggplant absorbs flavours like ...
  • Lanie Dineen’s Roasted Peppers with Tomato Salad

    This is a Mediterranean-style salad, using typical ingredients from the region. The flavor improves if the salad is made and dressed an hour of two before serving. Makes a great side or antipasto!

  • Celebrate la Fête Nationale with a classic Pissaladière

    Sweet, caramelized onions, briny anchovies and olives make up the topping for this traditional tart from Nice (or Nizza owing to its Italian heritage). It’s made here with a Northwest twist – Walla Walla onions!
  • 4th of July Mess

    This festive, colorful, and cool dessert is a perfect way to salute the red, white and blue of our flag! This fruity, creamy bowl of goodness is a variation of a very English dessert called Eton mess.  What better way to celebrate our country’s independence from the Crown than making their dessert even better!

    Try this dessert with a Dineen Viognier! The peaches, mango, honey and cream leap from the glass. The long, lingering, ripe finish provides a stunning counterpoint to the cream, meringue and red berries of this "4th of July Mess".

    Right now, local berries are in full season and delicious. See here for local sources in the Yakima Valley area.

  • Grandpa's Favourite Brownies - Molten with Chocolate Chunks!

    YIELD: Makes 16 INGREDIENTS 1 cup (150g) plain (all-purpose) flour 3/4 cup (75g) cocoa 3/4 cup (130g) brown sugar 1 1/3 cups (290g) caster (su...
  • BBQ Time! Porchetta-Style Pork Shoulder

    In and around Rome, Italy, porchetta is a bacchanalian dish that involves stuffing a whole pig with wild fennel, garlic and spices, and then cooking it on a rotisserie spit. Assuming that you may not be inclines to tackle such a huge project, here's a simpler version that calls for a pork shoulder filled with the authentic flavours. Pairs well with Dineen Heritage!
  • Foolproof Mediterranean Grilled Chicken

    Never a bone dry piece of chicken again! The secret is to brine it before and marinade it after grilling. Always juicy and delicious!