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Dineen Vineyards is located in the hills of the Lower Yakima Valley. We are a family owned and operated viticulture business with one of the premier sites in the state and highly acclaimed Estate wines.

Family Roots

A passion for food, wine friends and global travel led Pat & Lanie Dineen to vineyards and tasting rooms, foreshadowing the start of Dineen Vineyards. In 2001, initial investment was made in a 12-acre apple orchard. The trees were removed and the first Dineen vines were planted in what is now known as Catherine’s vineyard, named after Pat’s mother.

In 2002, a much larger, 80-acre parcel was purchased becoming the second vineyard in the portfolio and home to the Dineen Vineyards tasting room. All of the blocks at this site are named for members of our immediate family. Pat’s wife Lanie, daughters Marissa and Bridget, and grandchildren Charlotte, Quinn and Rose are represented.

The Story of the Black Truck

The Black Truck is a memory from founder Pat Dineen’s childhood growing up on a farm in Wisconsin. The 1950 ½ ton Chevrolet, 5-window, blue streak with sun bonnet is a replica of Pat’s father’s very first truck. Soon after acquiring the first vineyard, Pat acquired what is now referred to as “Grandpa’s Big Black Truck”. The Truck is a significant symbol of the Dineen family’s ties to agriculture through many generations. In addition to maintaining a prominent place on the Estate wine labels, the truck plays an active and key function during winery events and has become an emblem for Dineen Vineyards.

Stewarding our Resources

“We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children” We are all living on the same planet and should take care of the resources and creatures that inhabit our world. Our soil, which teems with life, water and the atmosphere play crucial roles in ensuring the healthiness and well-being of our grapevines. Dineen Vineyards adheres to the Lodi Rules of Sustainability which encompasses a “Triple Bottom Line” — environmental responsibility, social responsibility and traditional profit and losses. We do not optimise any of these at the expense of another. It is the right thing to do.

A Sense of Place

A day at the vineyard helps you to escape. The setting is enchanting. The love that we feel for the land is real. You feel warmed by the sun and the company and excited by the simplicities and casualness of farm life. The food tastes better here. Life is more breezy and light-hearted. We look forward to helping you connect with this special place and welcoming you to our farm and family!