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Thanksgiving Wine Pairing

Thanksgiving Wine Pairing

 Thanksgiving Wine Pairings 🍷🦃: Let Us Help You Celebrate!

🦃 Thanksgiving is almost upon us! As someone whose entire life is wrapped up in food 🍽️ and wine 🍷, Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday. It’s really our holiday—a feast to celebrate the harvest 🍁. We look forward to cooking all day 🍳 and then opening some of our very best wines 🍾.

The traditional Thanksgiving meal, with both savory and sweet, can make wine pairing a little tricky. It's a time for softer and more nuanced wines without assertive tannins or acidity, especially with a larger crowd that may not all be wine aficionados.

Our Condriesque Rhône White Blend works with the entire meal and pleases everybody. Its round supple mouthfeel and bright aromatics handle turkey 🦃, cranberry sauce 🍒, and sweet potatoes 🍠 with ease.

We love pouring Rosé since it’s really perfect for Thanksgiving; it can stand up to any dish but not overwhelm the food.

A lighter reds, like the Cabernet Franc is delicious with any of the courses, even the cranberry sauce!

For a crowd, it's hard to beat our Vintner's Blend. It has the boldness to pair with array of flavors while bing smooth and approachable.

For those in our family who prefer heavier reds, like one of our MerlotSyrah or Cabernet Sauvignon, or Heritage Red Blend we usually decant for an hour or two to soften the tannins. They pair beautifully with the meal, especially if the table is set with two wine glasses per person and folks can go back and forth between white and red as they work their way through the feast. 





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