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Rieslingfest - Saturday October 3rd, noon - 7pm

Join us for a HarvestĀ Celebration!

In partnership with Doggie Style Gourmet, we invite you to join us for a harvest celebration - German Style! Riesling, Sausages Ā šŸŒ­Ā and PretzelsĀ šŸ„Ø!

Saturday October 3rdnoon - 7pm (extended hours!)

SeatingĀ is limited (household of 5 per table) so we recommend you let us know when you will be visiting ā€“ call 509-829-6897 or emailĀ If we donā€™t have a table, we have plenty of space on the lawn to enjoy a glass orĀ bottle of your choice as well as some delicious dogs!Ā 
If you visit, we are offeringĀ FLASH SALESĀ out of the tasting room....featuring, of course, Riesling!

Thank you for your support and we look forward to celebrating harvest with you! It has been an interesting and challenging time for our team and business. But we aren't letting it get the wurst of us!Ā Ā 

The Dineen Vineyards Team