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Dineen Vineyards

Our Vineyards

Dineen Vineyards is located in the Yakima Valley AVA just north of the town of Zillah, Washington. We are in a unique hill-top area that is especially well suited for growing premium wine grapes as well as offering far-reaching views of the valley, and Mount Adams and Mount Rainier in the distance. Dineen Vineyards began planting in the spring of 2001 and continues to add annually to the planted acreage. Currently there are 75 acres under vine. Our neighbors include the well-recognized vineyards of Andrew Will, Sheridan, and Two Mountain.

Today, Pat Dineen’s focus is on the business side of the vineyard including overseeing the estate winemaking and wine sales. Daily operations at the vineyard are co-managed by brothers Matt and Patrick Rawn, owners of Two Mountain Winery. The Rawn brothers have extensive viticulture experience and are always available to assist winemakers’ specific needs and schedules. Matt and Patrick are greatly assisted by Crew Chief, Eliseo Gil and the rest of his capable crew.

Growing Philosophy & Vineyard Practices

Our mission is simple – growing exceptional wine grapes that meet and exceed the requirements for our Estate Vintage wines and of our fruit buyers.

We work to accommodate the specific criteria of the unique fruit buyer within acceptable viticulture practices. The majority of the work at Dineen Vineyards, from planting to harvest, is done by hand and the grapes are treated gently on the way to the bottle. The handwork in the vineyard helps prevent disease and eases training of the plants by allowing close observation as they grow. It ensures that the growing berries receive enough sun to ripen fully. Yields are kept low, at roughly 3-4 tons per acre by natural processes attributed to low vigor soils as well as careful canopy management including water control, aggressive pruning, and shoot thinning.¬†We practice sustainable viticulture with minimal use of non-organic pesticides and fertilizers. Organic compost is applied every other year to replenish nutrients that the vines consume in producing fruit.

As the fruit approaches maturity, we supply our vintners with berry analysis which includes Brix (sugar content), pH, and TA (titratable acidity). Harvest decisions are mostly dictated by the vintner in coordination with our vineyard manager. Most of our fruit is hand-harvested and field sorted which keeps the wine quality high by culling poor clusters and vine debris. Machine Harvesting is available when requested by the vintner.

We encourage grape buyers to visit the vineyard and welcome their input during the growing season so that the fruit will meet their specific goals. The vines at Dineen Vineyards tend to produce rich and deeply colored wines with medium to soft tannins.


  • Address: 2980 Gilbert Road Zillah, WA 98953
  • American Viticulture Area (AVA): Yakima Valley and/or Rattlesnake Ridge
  • Elevation: 1050–1140 feet
  • Aspect: South facing gentle slope
  • Rainfall: Less than 7" annually
  • Total Acreage: 92 acres / 75 planted
  • Yields: 3–4 tons per acre (or winery requirement)
  • Soils: Harvard-Burke silt loam and Scoon silt loam with an abundance of stones in areas. Soils are shallow with depths of 8–24". In addition, there is a good deal of Caliche (calcium carbonate) underneath at various depths. Soils are nitrogen deficient with very low vigor and maintain a pH around 7.3.
  • Planting: 8×4 and 8×5 spacing with VSP trellis. Rows run north and south and aspect is mostly south-easterly with some rolling hills. Vines are mostly bi-lateral cordon pruned except for small areas of cane pruned as requested by specific wineries.
  • Irrigation: The entire vineyard is drip irrigated. Water is supplied from the Roza Irrigation Canal with a back-up emergency well. We irrigate from bud-break through bloom and fruit set; until we reach desired shoot length. We then practice deficit irrigation through veraison. Post veraison, we apply sufficient water to keep the plants healthy and in balance until harvest.